Past Events

Links to all previous Mari-Tech conference websites available are provided on this page. In addition, any other events involving CIMarE will be highlighted to the extent information is available. When you have finished your visit of each archive, please be sure to hit your back button to return to the Mari-Tech website.

Mari-Tech Archive

2018 – Victoria, BC, Hosted by the  Vancouver Island Branch – website
” Honing the leading edge “

2017 – Montreal, QC, Hosted by the St Lawrence Branch – website
” Efficient & Eco Systems “

2016 – St. John’s, NFL, Hosted by the Newfoundland & Labrador Branch
” Harsh Ocean Environments: Marine Engineering Challenges and Solutions “

2015 – Vancouver, BC, Hosted by the Vancouver Branch
“ Changing Tides…Pacific North West ”

2014 – Niagara Falls, ON, Hosted by the Great Lakes Branch

Mari-Tech 2013 – Atlantic Branch Mari-Tech 2012 – Ottawa Branch
Mari-Tech 2011 – Vancouver Island Branch Mari-Tech 2010 – St. Lawrence Branch
Mari-Tech 2009 – Newfoundland & Labrador Branch Mari-Tech 2008 – Vancouver Branch
Mari-Tech 2007 – Great Lakes Branch Mari-Tech 2006 – Atlantic Branch
Mari-Tech 2005 – Ottawa Branch Mari-Tech 2004 – Vancouver Island Branch
Mari-Tech 2003 – St. Lawrence Branch Mari-Tech 2002 – Newfoundland & Labrador Branch
Mari-Tech 2001 – Vancouver Branch Mari-Tech 2000 – Great Lakes Branch

Papers from previous Mari-Tech Conferences

The papers listed below will not be found on the Mari-Tech sites in the table above. Please note that presentations are not available for all Mari-Tech events. Host branches for which no presentations are held will be contacted in an attempt to be able to provide them for our visitors.

Mari-Tech 2010 – Presentations

Mari-Tech 2009 –  Presentations

Mari-Tech 2007 – Presentations

Mari-Tech 2004 – Presentations

Technical Papers

Technical Papers presented by branches outside the ambit of the annual Mari-Tech events will now be available on the CIMarE website – but it should be noted that they will be posted to the Technical Presentations and Publications section of the Members Only area.